November 25, 2012

I'm the Conductor of the Potty Train

So, it's far beyond time.

We've put this off long enough. They turn 3 in July. That's long enough!! In the next few weeks, I hope to report that the girls are officially potty trained.

Ady is taking to it quickly. While wearing panties, she'll urgently say "PEE PEE!" Then we all rush to get the bum sitting on the training toilet. She stands up and cheers for herself while pointing at the yellow puddle in the potty chair. We shout and parade to the bathroom and let her "dump and flush" - then she gets a treat. If we forget, she looks up at you and says "Treat?"

Chloe still just sits down but there's nothing to flush. We ask her if she went pee and she'll stand up and say "YAY!" but there's nothing there. She still gets a treat for trying.

I'm glad for summer coming so we can send the girls outside in swimsuits with no diapers and not feel bad about it.

Wish us luck.

September 17, 2010

May 16, 2010

What advice would you give....?

If you met a stranger in a grocery store who was pregnant with twins, what advice would you give her?

Personally, I'd say "Welcome to the club!" and I'd hand her my phone number. I could chat her ear off. No sense in keeping her from a nap!

May 4, 2010

What are the Chances?!?!

Daylight-Saving Causes Twin Arrival Pickle

Laura Cirioli

Everyone knows the pecking order in a family has everything to do with age. The oldest sibling usually rules the roost. But what if you get cheated out of the title because of Daylight Saving Time?

Peter Sullivan Cirioli was dubbed "Baby A" at WakeMed Cary when he arrived early Sunday morning.

“Yes, Peter was born first, it was at 1:32 a.m.,” mother Laura Cirioli said.

Thirty-four minutes later, Peter's twin sister, Allison Raye Cirioli, known as "Baby B," made her entrance into the world.

Because of Daylight Saving Time, Allison's time of birth was 1:06 a.m., which makes her 26 minutes older than her brother even though he was born first.

“We just never even thought about it until after he was born and then we realized it was going to happen. It was really kind of amazing,” Laura Cirioli said.

The proud mother and father said they don't really care who was born first, they are just glad to have two healthy babies. They do suspect the daylight savings predicament will be fodder for sibling rivalry.

“We'll let them work that out between themselves. I don't want to get into the middle of it,” Jason Cirioli said.

Peter and Allison were expected to leave the hospital Tuesday night.

April 14, 2010

Product Review: Baby Thermometers

Baby Thermometers are a whole new ball of wax!

I thought I'd try something new and innovative, so I purchased a 'pacifier thermometer' - the only problem with that? My girls wouldn't suck on it long enough to get a reading.

So, I tried the traditional style with a digital readout. The only problem with that? No sick kid is going to have you hold a thermometer easily for the "Quick 10 second reading" - Can you hold a squirming, screaming child for ten seconds with one hand and a thermometer in the other? If you can, good for you. If you can, my other question is - can you actually hear the "beep beep" when it's done over the top of the crying? I couldn't do either.

So, I decided to take the monetary plunge and purchase a "1 Second Digital Ear Thermometer" - what a blessing this is.

You can buy one of these lifesavers anywhere for around $25 and they are well worth it.

When did you find out it was twins?

Did your twins have any NICU time?

Do you plan to have kids after the twins?

What did you do with your baby clothes?